British Classic Yacht Club Regatta

Date: Saturday 18th July 2015

Course: Cowes

Category: Inshore

Entry Deadline: Monday 30th November -0001


Based in Cowes, one of the great historical homes of racing, the British Classic Yacht Club Regatta is a real celebration of our proud yachting heritage. One glance at the pontoons crowded with beautiful yachts during the regatta almost makes attendance worthwhile in itself. All those snowy white teak decks gleaming varnished and long sleek lines with unspeakably elegant overhangs are a heady cocktail for any lover of beauty.

All that and we haven’t even got on to the racing yet, and there is plenty of that to be had, for these yachts may be classics but that is not to say that the owners and crew don’t take their racing incredibly seriously. With a fleet of over 60 yachts gathered, racing is split into classes and the action waxes fast and furious with the beautiful yachts creating the most wonderful spectacle as sail after sail billows before the breeze. The climax of the week in the Classic Round the Island race which presents a great opportunity for these beautiful vessels to try their paces over a longer course. The racing can also be great test of seamanship, as sailors rediscover old skills almost forgotten, while those yachts still without engines demonstrate the combined terror and pleasure of berthing a yacht under sail alone.

The regatta is noted not only for the racing, but also the lively mix of social activities and the general convivial atmosphere which is never more present than in the popular Panerai Lounge, where stories are swapped and champagne sipped in equal measure.